Military families dealing with a permanent change of station, or “PCS-ing,” face many challenges when it comes to finding a new home. In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month in November, Realtor Tamara Buttery, of Michael Harper Real Estate, helps ease their burden with the following four tips:

No. 1: Get in touch with a local Realtor immediately after receiving your orders. “This will help make the house hunting as productive as possible,” said Buttery, whose husband, David, served in the military as a combat engineer for 21 years. “You’ll have more time to look at which areas you’d most like to live, which schools you’d like your children to attend, learn how close to shopping and markets you’ll be, etc.”

No. 2: Ask your Realtor about local lenders who know how to handle VA loans. “Your Realtor will know which lenders are experienced and can be an asset to you as a homebuyer,” stressed Buttery. “It’s also important for a lender to give you the advantages and disadvantages of a VA loan, as it may not be the best mortgage product for everyone.”

No. 3: Don’t be afraid of a winter move. “Sellers who list in the winter usually really want to sell instead of ‘test the waters,’” added Harper. “It’s also an easier time for school-age children to assimilate into the community, instead of having endless hours to fill in the summer before they make friends.”

No. 4: Embrace your new community and it will embrace you. “Get out and join a church, gym, book club or outdoors group,” concluded Harper. “Additionally, volunteer where your passions lie. All of these are great connectors to the new community.”

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