Woodland Park, Colorado

Living in Woodland Park - or the surrounding Teller County communities of Divide, Florissant, and Lake George - is the BEST!  That's why I've lived here for close to 30 years.  If you've already visited or live here, you know what I'm talking about:  the beauty, the hiking and fishing, the small-town feel, and the list goes on and on!  If you're just now exploring our area, take a look below and then schedule your trip to our piece of Colorado Heaven.


The benefits of living in Woodland Park, Colorado set it apart from almost anywhere else in the country!

Scenic - Pikes Peak - "America's Mountain" - is literally right outside your Woodland Park window!  Out your other windows you'll find forest and meadow views as well as views of the Front Range to the north of Woodland Park.  

Family-Oriented - Woodland Park is THE place to connect with your family!  You have great schools , family events every season, a walkable downtown, unbelievable Parks and Recreation programming for all ages and many interests.  Not only will your immediate family enjoy living here, your extended family will be here often - your Woodland Park home may become the reunion gathering spot! 

Rustic - Walk out your back door or drive only 5 minutes and you are surrounded by nothing but nature in its purest form!  Hike on well laid out trails or forge into the wilderness of Pike National forest to camp, backpack, fish, and photograph for an afternoon or a month!  Not so rustic?  Take the trail bikes out for a spin or the dirt bikes and ATVs for an exhilarating experience. 

Refined - Woodland Park is NOT city living, but cultural amenities are readily available:  monthly "Art Walk" events through galleries in Woodland Park sponsored by the Arts Alliance ; regular performances at the Ute Pass Cultural Center by artists of every genre including music - jazz, rock, bluegrass, Celtic, and dance - jazz, ballet, folk, and theater including musicals, as well as art shows of local and regional artists.  Need more?  Colorado Springs and Denver are short drives away!

Healthy Lifestyle - Enjoy all a community has to offer for a healthy lifestyle: a thriving small town , abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, community events of all kinds, forward-thinking school system, regular health fairs, volunteer options in many areas, public transportation, cultural events, and more!

Vibrant Business Community - Woodland Park's Economic Development Office is always busy!  Here are a few bits of current news:

  • From 1999 to 2009, the proportion of Teller County households earning more than $100,000 increased by 87% and those earning more than $150,000 more than doubled, up 120%.  There were declines, too, in the numbers of households which earned less than  $50,000. 
  • Average household median income for Woodland Park is $60,400, and the average is $69,300 (state demographer current estimate)
  • Regarding the fiscal trade area for the Woodland Park region, it is estimated to be $860 million and the growth potential for retail is $95 million.
  • 60% of every dollar spent in Woodland Park is estimated to come from regional residents and visitors, while 40% comes from city residents - this points to the growth of the regional and visitor trade, and means businesses do not have to rely only on the small town population.
  • While the City has taken measures to budget conservatively, the sales tax collections for 2009 were down 3.9%, far less than the double-digit sales tax losses in other cities and the state.
  • Woodland Park sales per square foot for general merchandise and grocery is $350, higher than the average western neighborhood shopping center sales per foot for that category ($344; all numbers based on 2008 data).
  • According to Trulia Real Estate, the median price of homes in Woodland Park is now $212,000 (March 2010), up 11.8 % over last year and home sales increased 2.9% over same period last year.
  • National retail vacancy rate average is now 9.5%.  Woodland Park's retail vacancy rate was estimated  to be 11.3% in 2009. The overall commercial vacancy rate (office, retail, other) in Woodland Park is now estimated to be 13%.  National office vacancy rate average is 13.5% (CoStar).

Generally, the numbers point to positive underlying trends for Woodland Park's economy. That is not to say that the economic struggles of some  businesses and families are over.  Unemployment in Teller county is now 9% (March 2010, Colorado Department of Labor) just under the national average of 9.7%. Certainly, with five commercial buildings in foreclosure along Highway 24, there is tangible evidence that the poor economy has had impacts.  Two Woodland Park banks' economists predict more shakeout in commercial real estate, nationally.  The indications are that Woodland Park, however, may be better positioned than other communities to re-gain lost ground.

You can see, Woodland Park Colorado real estate is as close to a sure bet as you can get! 

I'm proud to say that I've gained the trust of my many clients through personal, professional service and the simple fact that I love our Woodland Park community. My professional experience and decades of being active within the Woodland Park community means I can quickly help you as you gather information about buying or selling in our local real estate market. I can help you find the answers you need regarding our local schools, our business community, the many community support programs available for our residents of all ages, and also information about the many great things to do and enjoy in our Pikes Peak community.